Calibration of measuring instruments

Training and Consulting

Measuring instruments management and calibration training courses

Metrological Training Courses

Metrologie srl, as a LAT Center, offer a training service for companies and laboratories that need information and support in the instrument’s measurement management, with a focus on the importance of their calibration and control.

In addition to the scheduled courses, Metrologie can create and organize personalized courses to meet specific customer needs.

All the professional training courses can be organized in any location according to the customers’ needs. Metrologie can propose further collaboration with other calibration laboratories and national bodies.

Metrological technical consultancy

Metrologie offers a technical consultancy and support service on preparing procedures for the implementation accredited metrological laboratories and in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

Qualified metrological consultancy allows us to satisfy specific customer requests, guaranteeing proper implementation of operating procedures in compliance with current regulations.

The main phases of metrological consultancy concern:

  1. Business process analysis
    Way of working and calibration activities procedures are identified. Customers already existing procedure can be evaluated.
  2. Staff training
    Metrologie, thanks to a high qualified staff, is able to train all personnel in the calibration process. The main topics of the training will be:
    • metrological basic information;
    • calibrate instruments procedure;
    • uncertainty calculation.
  3. Writing all documentation
    The Metrologie’s qualified staff could work with customers in order to assess the procedure in place and propose any changes to be in compliance with the standards.