Calibration of measuring instruments

Who we are

Metrology, Accredia certified laboratory

The company was born with the objective of provide the market with a reliable and professional service in the calibration field.

Metrologie, thanks to a policy of investment in laboratory instrumentation, metrology room construction, staff specialization and training has achieved the important goal of accrediting itself as an ACCREDIA calibration laboratory.

All this effort, makes the company a reference in industrial sectors where a high level of accuracy is required, such as pharmaceutical, aerospace (AMS2750E) and heat treatments
Metrologie is able to provide assistance directly or through collaboration with specific sector company, to satisfy the costumer with a certified ACCREDIA calibration or calibration in compliance with ISO 9001.

If needed, our staff of highly qualified technicians, is able to provide assistance, concrete and immediate support to ensure optimal results to its customers.

Metrologie is able to offer the customer a wide range of services with the utmost care, technology and quality, such as:

  • ACCREDIA calibration at permanent laboratory
  • tools management
  • Moulds/muffles Mapping and verification according to AMS2750E
  • Calibration/validation in the field
  • Equipment hire
  • Training
  • Metrology consulting activities
  • Resale of equipment/instrumentation